Marian3) Autosomal DNA:Next Steps - Ellen Maki

DNA test results can be both exciting and overwhelming. You may have thousands of matches and need a strategy for putting them to work finding cousins and ancestors, or breaking down brick walls. Shared or in-common-with matches are a powerful tool that all of the major testing companies provide for users. Come and learn a few strategies for getting the most out of your shared matches. We’ll take a look at chromosome browsers and triangulation, and discuss how these differ from shared matches. DNA matches can also be a wonderful source of traditional genealogical information and family lore. Contacting DNA matches can be rewarding, but the response rate is often low. We’ll discuss some dos and don’ts for enticing our matches to reply to our queries.

Ellen Maki holds a doctorate in statistics and works as a consultant in the health care industry. She has been researching her family history in England, Ireland, the U.S., and Canada for 30 years. Her passion for genealogy has led her to study in the University of Strathclyde’s genealogy, palaeography, and heraldry program, where she is currently completing a master’s degree. She has presented at the Toronto Branch meetings and taught a genealogy posters course for the Toronto Branch Members’ Network. Ellen blogs about her genealogical discoveries at Today’s presentation allows Ellen to talk about one of her genealogy passions: using DNA for family history. Finding Folk